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Rewiring for residential, commercial and industrial premises


Are you renovating your domestic, commercial or industrial premises? If so, let our team take care of it for you.

Covering the whole of Scotland, our team of electricians and design engineers can help with rewiring, socket repositioning, new circuits and even data networks and audio / visual systems.

Consumer unit upgrade

The consumer unit (fuse board) supplies electricity to all of the final circuits and new installations come with full Residual Current Device (RCD) protection which significantly reduces the potential for electrical injury in the case of a fault. Our team of engineers are qualified to replace and upgrade your consumer unit to the latest standard.

What’s involved in a rewire?

A full basic rewire includes the removal of existing cables and the installation of new ones, as well as a new consumer unit with RCD protection and new sockets and switches. Additionally, you may wish to install more socket outlets, new lighting positions, data networks, Wi-Fi access points and connected fire alarm devices. Whatever your requirements, our team can accommodate them.

How long does a rewire take?

Rewires usually take between one and three weeks to complete, depending on the size of the property and the work can be quite intrusive and dusty. Ideally, all furniture should be removed from the property or at the very least covered over and if possible, the premises should be empty for the duration of the works. If this is not possible, we will work with you to agree a convenient way of working.

If you have time constraints we can always find a solution for you.

LED lighting conversion

Many customers are requesting to upgrade from regular incandescent lighting and traditional pendent light fittings to more energy efficient LED types. Please speak to our designer about your options if this is of interest.

How much does an electrical rewire cost?

The price you’re quoted will typically include:

  1. Renewing all the wiring from the consumer unit
  2. Earthing arrangements to meet current regulations
  3. Standard socket & light outlets, isolators and switches
  4. Comprehensive circuit testing and final installation certificate
  • A typical 2 bed house will cost approximately £4500
  • A typical 3 bed house will cost approximately £6000
  • A typical 4 bed house will cost approximately £8000
  • Larger properties may have greater or more complex demands and therefore the above are only intended as approximate values.

Kitchen rewires

Having a new kitchen fitted? Modern kitchens usually require greater number of electrical devices and power consumption is often greatest in this area of a property. We commonly quote between £1200 and £2400 for kitchen rewiring.

During the works

Installing new wiring can be an intensive job and you should remove as much furniture as possible and take up carpets as it is usually necessary to lift floorboards. Our electricians may also need to remove skirting boards or cut into plaster, especially if they are installing new switches or sockets as they modernise the wiring.

For the duration of the rewire you may wish to reside elsewhere as you may be without power and the process can be somewhat disruptive.

Decorations & plasterwork

The price you’re quoted will exclude any plastering or decorating works required after the rewire is completed.

We have a large team of tradesmen and will happily plan these works additionally if you require.

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Consumer unit upgrade?

Do you have an old consumer unit? Upgrade to a modern RCD protected type that complies with the latest 18th Edition of BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

To book a free site survey and discuss your rewiring requirements with one of our engineers, get in touch.