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Outdoor Lighting

A farm in the Scottish Borders requested new outdoor lighting to their property, illuminating walkways around the house.

The homeowner requested light fittings with a traditional style and which emitted an incandescent warm glow whilst being LED, if possible. We were able to deliver all that was requested.

As always on our domestic works, we only ever use top quality fixtures and fittings and for this we used Phillips technology. Our experience has taught us that non-branded or budget LED fixings and lamps have a very short service life so spending a little more initially saves more over the medium-term.

Here we also installed dusk-til-dawn sensors which operate through a 24 hour time switch, meaning that the lights will only switch on when it is dark, and between specific hours of the day. Manual override switches were installed in the house too, allowing the homeowner to leave the lights on if required.